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EK Series
EK Serise

6mm dot N-pole and S-pole data are magnetized on a Barium-Ferrite card. Polarity distinguishable switches are built-in EK series corresponding to each dot on the card. Each switch generates signal ON for N-pole dot and OFF for S-pole dot. The non-contact reading method realizes high durability to harsh environments. The magnetized data on the Barium-Ferrite card are more durable than a normal magnetic stripe card.

Data capacity 6 bits, 12 bits or 18 bits
Mating Card Barium-Ferrite Magnet Card

MC-300V,MC-300P,MC-300G,MC-200V etc.

Supply voltage +12 VDC ±10% , ripple (p-p) 1% max.
+24 VDC ±10% , ripple (p-p) 1% max.
Output NPN Transistor Open Collector
Normally open

Applicable voltage 30V max.
Sink current 100mA max.

Data Contents ON at N-pole data dot
OFF at S-pole data dot
Operation Temperature -10ºC to +50ºC (Non-freezing)
Operation Humidity 35 to 90%RH (Non-condensing)

Card Verifier : A half sized pre-coded 'SET CARD' is installed inside the Card Verifier. When a code of inserted 'KEY CARD' is same as that of the internal 'SET CARD', a verify signal to operate an electric lock is comming out.