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Magnetic detection Sensors for Magnetic tape guidance type AGV.
GS series
GS Serise

Magnetic Tape Guidance AGV's route can be constructed in various locations, since the magnetic tape route can be constructed where the floor can not be carved. Modification of a magnetic tape route can be done easily and the route is durable against dust, water and light. Guide sensor detects the slight magnetic flux from a magnetic guide tape at operation distance 30mm(20mm to 40mm) and generates multiple switching signals or deviation voltage.

Operation distance 5 to 40mm
Sensing objects Magnetic Guide Tape.
MGL-50L,MG-611A, etc.
Supply voltage +10.8 to +30 VDC , included ripple
Output Analog voltage.
output +5V at the center of magnetic Guide Tape.
output which +2V to +8V were in proportion to more.
Ambient temperature range -10ºC to +60ºC (with no icing or condensation)
Ambient tumidity range 35 to 95%RH (with no condensation)

DIMENSIONS : unit : mm