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Magnetic Proximity Sensors High Repeatability type
H series
H Serise

H series sensors are suitable for a reference point sensor of a precision machine. Adopting a N-pole and S-pole borderline magnet as a reference point target magnet, H series sensor generates analog signal or switching signal. The repeatability at the borderline of N-pole and S-pole of target magnet is ±0.1µm.


Sensor type

operation direction

Analog type


Switching type



Operation Distance 0.3mm
Sensitivity Analog type plus at N-pole, minus at S-pole
Digital type (switching) Switching at 1mT to 2mT at N-pole
Sensing objects Magnet
MG-210, MG-220, MGN-210, etc.
Supply voltage +12 VDC ±5% , ripple (p-p) 1% max.
+24 VDC ±5% , ripple (p-p) 1% max.
Output Analog type Analog voltage output (Floating)
Output impedance (1.8k ohm)
Digital type (switching) NPN Transistor Open Collector
Normally open
Applicable voltage 30V max.
Sink current 100mA max.
Responce time 0.2ms delay (0 to 4kHz)
Temperature Drift ±0.1µm/ºC
Output voltage ±5% (-10ºC to 50ºC)
Operation Temperature -10ºC to +50ºC (Non-freezing)

DIMENSIONS : unit : mm

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