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Select products according to application and environmental conditions of use.

We offer 1,000s of different types of sensor-related products to suit your application, purpose, environment and location of use. The range includes magnetic sensors and magnetic proximity switches that best match the customer’s application and can be flexibly customized in various ways.

Our proprietary magnetic
sensing technology

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Saturable Coil Technology, the key to our magnetic application equipment.

Stability and high performance surpassing the properties of fluxgate magnetic sensors, ensuring long-term performance even under adverse or severe conditions on site, MACOME magnetic sensors, magnetic switches and Guide Sensors are based on Saturable Coil Technology.

Company profile

Cutting-edge magnetic application technology, from Japan (Tokyo and Nagano) to the world.

MACOME CORPORATION is engaged in the research and development of unique magnetic detection elements and the development of various products that apply magnetism, with magnetic detection as the main technology. All products are developed and manufactured in Japan and delivered to users all over the world under strict quality control.